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Kristen Zaier, ​​Plant-Based RD

How Much Chromium Do I Need?

  • AI for Adult Females 19-50 is 25 mcg/d

  • AI for Adult Females >50 is 20 mcg/d

  • AI for Adult Males 18-50 is 35 mcg/d

  • AI for Adult Males >50 is 30 mcg/d

  • Upper Safe Limit for Chromium has not been determined

Adequate Intake (AI) is developed when there is not enough scientific data to establish a Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA)

Why Do I Need Chromium?

  • ​Chromium plays a role in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism through its effect on the hormone insulin

Plant-Based Sources

  • Chromium is found in whole grains, nuts and some vegetables with broccoli being one of the richest sources

Deficiency Symptoms

  • Impaired glucose utilization

Toxicity Symptoms

  • Toxicity from diet has not been reported

  • Toxicity from supplements have shown some adverse effects including skin lesions


  • Chromium intake is not a concern for someone following a whole foods, plant-based diet

  • Claims regarding weight loss and increased muscle mass with use of chromium picolinate supplements have not been supported by scientific studies